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To put more meaning behind us not being your average nerds, we not only can build the new, but also responsibly decommission the old. We're speaking about making sure none of your old computer or network equipment ends up in a landfill, but is properly wiped, cleaned, and recycled.

We offer site decommissioning, remediation, data center and network closet cleanup, as well as replacement equipment or parts.

Your sensitive data and security is our first priority when it comes to e-Waste. Meaning we will wipe and destroy any device, such as hard drives that can store information about your company or clients.

We then break apart and process your equipment in order to make it all suitable for recycling. From the circuit board to the metal case, and even the cables will be sent to a recycling center.

Here is the bottom line ↓

Our environment is very important to us and our future.

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