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Who are we? - We are Not Your Average Nerds or NYAN for short, who develop and support useful tools for anyone or most size businesses. Our network brings together a spectrum of creativity for mobile applications, web design, and both intranet and extranet solutions from the minds of both experts and clients. We take average to the next level through software by bringing the company, employees, and users together on one simple, cost-efficient, yet extraordinary platform.

Our History - N.Y.A.N was formed by Carlos Sandoval in 2011. After working together in Infrastructure Management, Information Technology, and Operations Capability with his peer Joshua Purdy at a multinational corporation, they began to see needs for solutions on many levels. Having too many ideas to capture, they decided to rekindle the business together and bring it to the next level.

Our Products/Services - Our products include a suite of internet and application based software solutions for business growth, efficiency, and organization. We also offer integrated mobile applications for the software suite as well as personal applications for use in the tools, productivity, and health categories on the mobile markets. We design custom websites, software, and mobile as to meet company needs in the constant technologically advancing market. For your peace of mind and company solution, we will provide support from desktop to network, server, and software.

Our future plans – We will take non-existing or existing tools from average to innovative (“not your average”) software solutions and technological needs for companies and individuals. Our customer base and clients will be served with the highest priority and satisfaction.

Our partnerships – We work together with Dobbs and Associates to provide the ability for entire network and infrastructure solutions. Our companies combined offer nearly limitless technology capabilities from servers, routers, security, database, computers, to the end users. Let us provide a free initial consultation to design a system that works best for your needs.

  • We also have a Lenovo partnership and distributor for any new or refurbished computers, mobile, and network devices. You don't need a separate supplier for hardware equipment or software. Please see our store page for more details. Thank you!

Community and Environment – We have a duty to our communities and environment. It is very important to us that we contribute to protecting and respect what we have, as well as give back. NYAN will donate 2% of all profit to local charities to help children and families in need. Let us know your charity of choice and we'll be happy to donate to them also.

  • We also make sure that any electronic equipment that is not in use or decommisioned is recycled properly. We can offer certificates of destruction for sensitive data as your security and privacy are at the upmost importance.

Si habla español, Pregunta por Carlos.